July 24, 2021

Dear John Doe:

Thank you for agreeing to partner with TeeTime Golf Pass in . We are excited to have the opportunity to promote your facility to our members with the print (TeeTime Golf Pass) and digital (Digital Golf Pass) passbook formats.

Enclosed is a copy of the agreement for your records. Both the print and digital formats are valid for the calendar year; however, the print passbooks go into the publishing process in October and will be available for outlets and customers in mid-November.  Once the print passbooks are received in our office, our staff will send out your sample passbook for you and your staff, as well as passbooks to sell in your shop if you are signed up to get any, in late November through early December or in early spring if that is what you requested.

Again, thank you for participating in our program and we hope that you have a successful golf season!

TeeTime Golf Pass, Inc.

Jesse Curtis, President


TeeTime Golf Pass Proof of Agreement

This is an agreement between TeeTime Golf Pass, Inc. (TTGP) and

North Olmstead
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